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  • Plant.ID is now recruiting 15 PhD students! The EU H2020-ITN-ETN project Plant.ID on the molecular identification of plants is a European training network aimed at providing 15 PhD fellows across nine European host institutions (i.e. universities, botanic gardens, natural history museums, industry and institutes) with excellent training through a network of leading academic experts, museums, governmental and industry partners in the field, using an intensive program with network-wide training events, intra-network supervision and secondments. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply for multiple projects within the network. Read more about the 15 individual PhD Projects, which will start in April 2018, on The following Projects are included:

PhD 1 - Polyploid phylogenetics under the multi-species coalescent - University of Gothenburg

PhD 2 - Taxon identification and mulispecies coalescent biodiversity assessments - University of Oslo

PhD 3 - Euphrasia: species delimitation in mega-diverse hemi-parasites - University of Copenhagen

PhD 4 - Shotgun sequencing for comparative diet analyses in capercaillie fowl - University of Copenhagen

PhD 5 - DNA barcoding and metabarcoding of herbal Products for authentication - University of Oslo

PhD 6 - Metabarcoding of aquatic flora for fresh water quality monitoring - BaseClear, Degree Awarding University of Leiden

PhD 7 - Hayfever and software-automated pollen metabarcoding - Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Degree Awarding University of Oslo

PhD 8 - Paleogenomic annotation of historical Cinchona bark samples across time and space - University of Copenhagen

PhD 9 - Genomic barcoding of the succulent plant genus Aloe in trade - Royal Botanic Garden Kew, Degree Awarding University of Copenhagen

PhD 10 - Orchid targets: Genomic barcoding to identify and trace traded orchids - University of Oslo

PhD 11 - Is mutational meltdown a threat in the mega diverse genus Begonia? - Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Degree Awarding University of Copenhagen

PhD 12 - Genomicbarcoding to trace and identify illegally logged African trees - Botanic Garden Meise, Degree Awarding KU Leuven

PhD 13 - Bar-HRM traceability of toxic species in food and medicine - Centre for Research & Technology - Hellas, Degree Awarding Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

PhD 14 - Sepcies, a taxonomic category distinct from the lineage concept - University of Gothenburg

PhD 15 - Logging forensics: mining ebony wood collections as References - Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Degree Awarding University of Leiden


Application deadline: January 15th, 2018

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